Book and Special Project WebsiteOne of the things I love about creating websites and managing my clients' social media is helping people realize and actualize their own secret passions. About a month ago I met Debbie Wagner a Physician's Assistant who wanted to begin writing her own diet book based upon the Ketogenic Diet that had made such a difference in her life.

On our initial phone consultation she described the Ketogenic Diet, which I had heard about via the various podcasts that I listen to when running. It is a high-fat, high-protein and very low carb diet that has proven to be very useful in weight loss, maintaining low body fat, and when combined with intermittent fasting appears to be helpful in fighting cancer and helping with neurological diseases such as childhood epileptic seizures.

Debbie needed a website fast. She had just been featured as a guest on a Keto Podcast and had mentioned on that podcast that she was working on her Keto Diet book titled: Fat Fueled at 50. She had purchased the domain name for the blog but had been having problems putting together a website on one of the Free Website Builders out there. She was frustrated. So, with the podcast publication coming at the end of the month people would be searching for her information online. She needed to have a site up... and fast.

Book WebsitWe discussed what her needs would be. She wanted a blog feature where she could publish updates and information about the diet. She needed a Book Page where she would be able to post updates on the writing of the book and allow for pre-orders. She would need to be able to sell from the website. Debbie also wanted to be able to integrate her content into a Ketogenic Diet Facebook Page and create an email list that would collect site visitor information so that she could begin growing her audience and eventually send direct emails to her followers. We created a blog feed so that people could subscribe to direct updates as she published her blog posts. Debbie also wanted me to set up and integrate a Ketogenic Diet YouTube channel so that she could regularly post video updates or "Vlogs" that would be integrated into her website.

We discussed the easiest way to come up with content for Debbie's site. I would interview her and write the content for her basic pages. Her daughter would photograph her so we could create a personalized look for the site. I was able to convert her sketches into a logo with a woman's face and the letter F (for Fat Fueled at Fifty).

Within two weeks we had created the basic website and filled it with all of the necessary basic content. Then Debbie was off to the races. She immediately began creating videos and Keto blog posts. We made our deadline and now she has a place to gather visitor information and to begin changing lives for the better!

Look for great Ketogenic Diet ideas and ways that you can implement the keto diet into your own life coming soon.

Congratulations Debbie!