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Building a Business Website Is Like a Constructing a Business Plan

Creating a new website for your business or redesigning your old website should not be thought of as a dreaded task.In fact, you should look at it as a chance to rediscover your business, to consider other markets your product or service might appeal to or be made available to. Use this opportunity as a chance to explore new ideas in branding. And don't forget that the time when you're setting up a new website is a great time to reconsider better ways to deliver your product or service to your existing and potential customers.

Look at the website-building process as a chance to fall in love with your business again, to discover things you might have overlooked or taken for granted about what it is you do.  Below are several aspects of your business that you should consider as you begin the process of working with your web designer.

Explore new ideas surrounding your look and branding.

Maybe when you began your business you didn't have access to a professional marketing person to create your logos, letterhead, invoices, website, etc.  These days it is both affordable and relatively easy to create and integrate the "look" of your business across all of your materials.

Now is a good time to ask yourself if you are keeping pace with your competition in the way you present your business.  If you think you could do better ask your web or graphic designer to show you some new ideas and color palates.  Just like those dramatic before and after makeovers, you might find out that your business is a lot more attractive than you previously thought.

Reaching and engaging new customers.

If you haven't had a website for your business or if your original website was more of an item that you just wanted to get checked off your list and you didn't really put a lot of thought into it, now is the time to consider how to present your business to a new audience.  

Now is the time to consider adding a shopping cart capability, email or newsletter signup form, social networking integration or even a blog to show off your expertise. In the past these features might have been considered extras but now they are tools that you can't afford not to integrate. And in most cases they have become so automated that you can set them and forget them.

What is it you really do?

Many businesses have taken on sidelines during their journey. This might be a perfect time to officially tout what were once "unofficial" products or services and bring them more prominently into the public eye.  It just might be that the thing you have been doing as a sideline for a few select customers is actually a very lucrative and in-demand specialty that other's in your line don't offer.  


Rick Ortiz is the lead designer of RO Communications: a web enhancement firm.  He is also the author of A Day On, a blog about the joys of meaningful work.

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