You need a website makeover!

Building a Business Website Is Like a Constructing a Business Plan

Creating a new website for your business or redesigning your old website should not be thought of as a dreaded task.In fact, you should look at it as a chance to rediscover your business, to consider other markets your product or service might appeal to or be made available to. Use this opportunity as a chance to explore new ideas in branding. And don't forget that the time when you're setting up a new website is a great time to reconsider better ways to deliver your product or service to your existing and potential customers.

Attorney Website TipsLegal Websites and Attorney Business Websites have specific business requirements.  RO Communication has the experience of having built some of the most complex and effective law websites around.

Here are some of the things attorneys should look for when contracting with a web design firm to create an attorney website:

  • Always get it in writing. Make sure the website firm you select offers you a written explanation of what you are paying for. Some of the items on that list should include the following. 

Church WebsitesMany RO Communication clients are ministry and church websites. We know that because churches, ministries and other not-for-profits are often on a strict budget there are also reasons why an investment in a business or church website makes a lot of sense if it's done well. Whether you own a business, run a church or ministry or almost any other kind of organization, the first place prospective members or customers often turn to search for you and check you out is on the web.

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Of course, as with any other business or organization, just getting started on your ministry or church website is often the most difficult part. Thus, we've put together a few tips to hopefully get you started on the process. Think of these tips as a checklist of things you might not have considered until later. Use this list to make the most of your church website development process.


  • Consider how your website will fit with your other branding efforts. If you haven't really thought about putting together a professional brand this is the time to do it. There are many talented graphic artists and logo designers out there who will be able to offer you a few choices of color palate, logo design, font possibilities as well as offering suggestions about brochure, banner, and other layouts that will best describe your efforts in graphics.  Don't skimp on this part. It is the foundation of your church's online and peripheral identity.  Great design doesn't have to be expensive, but believe us, bad design will cost you much in the short and long run. Do it right from the beginning.

SEO for Small BusinessI ran into a friend at a downtown bar the other night and he began complimenting me on my newly redesigned website. He went down the list of attributes that he admired, nice, clean design, I like the sign-up forms, all the services you offer, logo design, web design, marketing services… Then he hesitated a little, looked at me a little disapprovingly and with a serious tone meaning that he was a little ashamed of me he half-asked…" but, SEO? Come on," he said.

SEO is one of those topics that's a little like the moon landing, there's plenty of evidence to show that it is for real but there are still those people out there with a blend of skepticism, blindness to the facts and disillusionment by businesses who have made unkept promises.